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Hero Splendor with electric conversion kit gets THIS much battery range

Categories: Bike

                        Compared to four-wheelers, the transition to EVs in the Indian automotive industry is relatively quick in the two-wheeler space. Even though the number of electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing every single day, most mobility solutions today are still powered by fossil fuels. Today, we bring you a Hero Splendor that was converted to become an electric vehicle by GoGoA1, who also gave the details in the video.GoGoA1's EV conversion kit costs Rs. 35,000, and the company claims a range of 151 km on a single charge.

                        In addition to providing RTO-approved electric conversion kits for motorcycles, the company is looking to expand its business after experiencing an increase in demand by 60 percent over the last couple of months.Additionally, the controller and motor come with a 3-year warranty, and the motorcycle would receive a new number plate that is finished in green once it has been fitted with the kit. The GoGoA1 team also adheres to the National Green Tribunal's requirements.By utilizing this kit, vehicles that are converted into electric vehicles wouldn't need to be scrapped. GoGoA1 currently operates in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, and Delhi.

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