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Today in History September 26 first presidential debate In 2005 Army Pfc

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Today in History:September 26, first presidential debate In 2005, Army Pfc

LynndieEngland was convicted by a military jury in Fort Hood, Texas, on six of sevencounts stemming from the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal. (England wassentenced to three years in prison; she ended up serving half that time.) In2008, Hollywood screen legend and philanthropist Paul Newman died in Westport,Connecticut, at age 83.

In 2016,Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton participated in theirfirst presidential campaign debates at Hofstra University in New York; Clintonstrongly condemned Trump for keeping his personal tax returns and businessdeals a secret from voters, while Trump repeatedly cast Clinton as a "distinguishedpolitician."

In 2020, PresidentDonald Trump nominated judge Amy Coney Barrett, a former clerk to the lateJustice Antonin Scalia, to the Supreme Court, to fill the seat left vacant bythe death of liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (Barrett would be confirmed thefollowing month, days before the November election.) More than 150 peoplegathered in the Rose Garden for Trump’s introduction of Barrett; few in thecrowd wore masks to protect against the coronavirus, and in the days thatfollowed, a succession of attendees reported that they had contracted COVID-19.

TenYears Ago:President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney both campaigned on thebattlefield of Ohio. Egypt's new President Mohamed Morsi, making his globaldebut at the United Nations, said he would not rest until the civil war inSyria ends.

Fiveyears ago:Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee announced that he would not run forre-election. Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore won the state's Republicanprimary for the US Senate, defeating incumbent Sen. Luther Strange, who wasbacked by President Donald Trump. (Moore would lose to Democrat Doug Jones inthe December special election.) Amid criticism that the federal response toHurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was inadequate, the administration said it wassending ships and thousands more military personnel to the island to addressthe growing humanitarian crisis there. Saudi Arabia announced that women wouldbe allowed to drive there for the first time in the summer of 2018.

Oneyear ago: TheRolling Stones launched their pandemic-delayed “No Filter” tour in St.Louis without their drummer of nearly six decades, Charlie Watts, who had diedin August at age 80. “Moulin Rouge! The Musical,” a jukebox adaptationof Baz Luhrmann’s hyperactive 2001 movie, won the best new musical crown at theTony Awards as Broadway looked back to honor shows that were shuttered byCOVID-19; “The Inheritance” by Matthew Lopez was named the best newplay. George Frayne, whose band Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmenenjoyed a cult following in the 1970s with songs including “Hot RodLincoln,” died at 77.

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