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Asset recovery firm hired by Musharraf against Nawaz Sharif apologises to latter


                            Broadsheet LLC, an asset recovery firm hired by former Pakistan army chief General Pervez Musharraf to probe the then ousted PM Nawaz Sharif has apologised saying that "not one rupee" in illegal wealth was found linked with Sharif or any of his family members."We found a lot of plundered wealth linked to others, but I can categorically state after virtually 21 years of investigation that not one rupee was related to Nawaz Sharif or any member of his family. If anyone says otherwise, they are lying," Moussavi said during an interview with a Geo television reporter in London.

                          "I have no hesitation in issuing an apology to the former Prime Minister for my being party to a scam and scandalous nonsense masquerading as the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). NAB is a fraud through and through," he added.The Nawaz Sharif family had denied the allegations and even secured a payment of 20,000 GBP in litigation costs from the firm after it failed to lay the claims on Avenfield apartments.

                          It is pertinent to mention that Broadsheet LLC helped Musharraf government and the then established NAB to find foreign assets purchased through alleged illegal means and illegal funds.Opposition parties have been stating that NAB is working as a mercenary to Imran Khan and is making false cases against party leaders without any evidence or proof."Twenty-two years ago, after Musharraf asked us to investigate Nawaz Sharif, we started the probe and at every turn we found that the investigation was sabotaged, not because we were getting close, but because the intention was a witch hunt," stated Moussavi.

                          Reacting to Moussavi`s revelation, Opposition party leader and Nawaz Sharif`s brother Shahbaz Sharif said: "Broadsheet CEO revelations exposed politically expired witch hunt of Nawaz Sharif and family in the name of so called accountability... corruption allegations were made to keep him out of public life."

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